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Seeds: build wealth with crypto by giving. And listen to the podcast with Rachel Cook, Founder and CEO of Seeds.

Seeds: build wealth with crypto by giving. And listen to the podcast with Rachel Cook, Founder and CEO of Seeds.

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In this week’s newsletter, we spotlight the interview with Rachel Cook, who is the Founder and CEO of Seeds. It is a Web3 startup which allows contributors to build their wealth through crypto by giving.

After working as a stock trader and encountering gender discrimination, Rachel decided to start building a new economic ecosystem which values women’s contribution.

Listen here to the full interview on The Purse Podcast


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Seeds: build wealth with crypto by giving

We interviewed Rachel Cook, Founder and CEO for Seeds about the new economic ecosystem she is building in Web3.

Seeds is a Web3 startup which turns the existing economic ecosystem on its head.

Rachel Cook, who runs and founded the startup, used to be a professional stock trader in Chicago and Wall Street until the misogyny forced her to quit.

She did all the right things:

  • attended a good university

  • received good grades

  • and eventually got a job as a trader.

Growing up, she was told she would be rewarded for her achievement.

But at 24 years of age, she discovered she was paid a lower base salary than all the men who had started with her. Despite having more for-profit trading experience.

This was the first time she bumped up against sexism in the workplace. Why was she being devalued within the system?

But she managed to outperform all the men on her team anyway. And received a much larger bonus.

However this forced her to question the design of the system itself.

Why was it that if she made a dollar, it meant someone else had to lose that dollar by design?

“It was this manufactured sense of zero sum”.

And this didn’t make sense because “money is not scarce”. Money is everywhere and governments continue to print money.

There are 180 different fiat currencies in the world generated by governments plus add crypto into this ‘money equation’.

It didn’t take long for Rachel to start waking up to the misogyny baked into the entirety of the financial system.

And she started thinking about building a new economic ecosystem.

The context for Seeds:

We should have a system that brings yin and yang, masculine and feminine energies, present in people of all genders, into balance which contributes to making healthy individuals and healthy societies.

The current economic system overly prioritises toxic masculine energies. We chase productivity at all times.

And it is about continual linear growth, which isn't the way things work in nature. We move through cycles in nature.

It devalues divine feminine traits, like nurturance and creativity. These values do not really have a place within the current economic system.

For this reason, Rachel wants to make sure she speaks to women and to make sure women are acknowledged and feel heard.

“If you're a woman, you've experienced discrimination because that's what this world does to us. And that has to be acknowledged and addressed”.

Also, speaking in terms of energies that impacts all of us, could be a more useful way to frame conversations so that they don’t become about identity.

Moreover, the design of capitalism dictates…

… that those who have more money can make more money passively. If you don't have that money, you can't do it.

So part of the design of Seeds is meant to prevent other people from having that experience. You can redeem a SEED to ask for help when you need it and receive those funds in thanks.

What is Seeds and how does it work?

Seeds is meant to present an alternative economic ecosystem and which doesn't ignore and devalue feminine contribution.

It is a global, digital giving circle in Web3.

So anyone who would like to help someone in need through Seeds can do so as easily as you would give to a charity on any site. It's just a donation, but it is called a contribution because Seeds is not a non-profit.

A user will need to have one SEED to redeem; to ask for help. You can receive a SEED by helping someone else in need and then you'll receive SEEDS in thanks.

Anyone can make a gift to someone in need through the Seed site.

The aim is to have ‘giving people’ to hold SEEDS so that they benefit, when and if the cryptocurrency markets go up and in that way, giving is a net neutral for the contributor because it does not cost anything.

And it can be for literally anything you need it to be so long as it is legal…

A SEED has been redeemed to fill up a tank of petrol. And SEEDS paid for a cornea surgery for a young man who had gotten into a car accident in Nigeria. And they helped pave the area around a well in South Sudan…

Listen to the full interview with Rachel Cook

News in Brief

Financial news

Crypto: bitcoin, ethereum, DeFi

  • Bitcoin plunged almost 16% in April, most since FTX collapse in November 2022 as Crypto ETF flows are reversing as Fed rate-cut hopes fade. The price of Bitcoin is now at $63,700.

  • US Bitcoin ETFs see highest daily outflow. Investors pulled $564m from Bitcoin ETFs on Wednesday. The current lull is likely to be followed by a new wave from a different type of investor. The coming months could see financial institutions such as sovereign wealth funds, pension funds and endowments start to trade in the spot ETFs.

  • Meme coins continued their run, with Ethereum-based Pepe striking big gains and Solana-based Bonk having a good week too. Despite a bumpy seven days, they are up over 20% and 15%.

  • Other alts, like Ordinals-based ORDI and Toncoin, started a rally on Friday. ORDI is now priced at $41, a 24-hour jump of 10%, and Toncoin at $5 is up 9%.

The Purse Podcast

We cover the following in this conversation:

  • Why did Rachel transition into crypto and Web3?

  • Context: what is Web2 vs Web3?

  • Bitcoin halving and the crypto market

  • Seeds: building a new economic ecosystem based on abundance

  • The challenges of being a female founder

  • What is the future of Seeds?

  • How do more women engage in Web3 and invest in crypto?

  • More+

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